IFD modern building technology

IFD moderne bouwtechniek

IFD is a modern construction technology that came into being after taking a critical look at processes in other areas such as the food, automotive and aviation industries. In the IFD system the components are assembled INDUSTRIALLY and – not – at the building site. The emphasis is on industrial quality, reuse and durability. The system is FLEXIBLE; e.g. the location of doors, windows and ceilings are interchangeable. The modular IFD construction can be DISASSEMBLED and easily moved to another location. The same applies to wall sockets and other wall connections. A wall can still be opened up many months later and made suitable for new equipment. Ceilings remain accessible for moving or adding additional lighting or technology. IFD guarantees a sound industrial quality.

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Simply accessible

By using hollow walls, which are easy to open and close, and thanks to the assembly-friendly click-and-click system, cables and pipes can be quickly and easily laid or moved in an IFD wall segment.



The materials applied by HIGHCARE are easy to disassemble and reuse if another layout is desired. Extending HIGHCARE cleanrooms is easy to achieve. IFD modern building technology, whether it concerns an extension, partition or layout change. HIGHCARE products offer optimal flexibility, sustainability (because components are reusable), and value for money (because already used materials can be used again). A HIGHCARE cleanroom can be easily relocated. Only the floor covering remains 

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