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A Flush Sanitary cleanroom design is a specialist design. The HIGHCARE system is quite unique. A flush design ensures that the cleanroom is completely flushed with clean filtered air and that any shaded areas are limited to the absolute minimum. This design guarantees a high classification with a limited number of air changes and low energy costs.

In a sanitary design, every area of the cleanroom is easily accessible. There are no sharp edges, inaccessible cracks or seams. The design can best be described as “flat and smooth”. Once the area has been cleaned there is never any doubt whether everything has been cleaned and/or disinfected properly. All materials used in the cleanroom are inert, do not absorb dirt and have a flush design. Cleanrooms are cleaned frequently confirming the correct design and material choice again and again. A good sanitary design allows for quick and easy cleaning. There is never any doubt about the quality nor the clean or sterile result.

As cleanrooms are “washed and flushed” with air 24/7 the design must accommodate that. All applied materials, as well as the level of finish, must be aimed at ensuring the removal of all dust, bacteria and contamination. HIGHCARE only uses materials that are suitable for this purpose.



A flush and sanitary cleanroom design. The expression flush is used to indicate that the inflowing air washes the entire cleanroom. See the image on this page. The airflow should reach every spot without hindrance. Flush and sanitary refers to the fact that the room has been constructed using carefully selected materials that are seamless and without gaps or sharp corners, and that they areinert and do not absorb any substances.
In the “shade” of objects; in a cleanroom that is not flush and sanitary, fine dust tends to settle and accumulate, instead of being removed via the return extraction at skirting board level.



The expression sanitary indicates the flawless cleaning of a space that doesn’t have any cracks, seams or hidden spots. For example, floors should be seamless, surfaces smooth and corners rounded to avoid dirt accumulation; breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Only smooth inert, inorganic materials are suitable. No accretion nor any doubts when cleaning the area.



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